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Programs for creating your next Animation

 Have you ever dreamed of creating your own Animated film. Well there's never been a better time than now. With all of the great tools and resources out there to utilize, you really have no excuse not to! So now we wanna help you by giving you a resource for some of the best tools you can find for a Stop Motion Animatic.

Top 10 Animations


1. The Iron Giant


2. Wreck-it Ralph


3. The Fool of the World and his flying ship


4. Willy Mc Bean and his Flying Machine


5. The tale of the fox


6. Coraline


7. Chicken Run


8. Wallace and Gromits  grand day out


9. The Nightmare before Christmas


10. The Fantastic Mr Fox


Our Community

We are a community of people who eat, sleep, and breath design, creation, and animation. Bringing creative idea's to life everyday. This is a culture not of judgement, but of self expression! A culture of  people who are fun, talented and adventurous!

Mastering the Art of Stop Motion Animation

Developing a Great Story Board

Are you lost in dreams of Animation? Wondering where to start? Well a great Story board is  the place to start? Let us help you in developing, plotting and creating your next epic story board. Because every great Animation started out as a great story. And we have some great tips and hints to hopefully make your dream a reality.

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